Friday, October 28, 2011

Me and Dee

I know I haven't posted in almost a year, but that year has been pretty eventful. If you don't know about it then you shouldn't be reading this blog. My sister-in-law Louise is in the Phillipeans (no idea how to spell that) teaching English in the Peace Corp. She wants me to have a blog about Dee and me, so here it is.

I'm only going to post some things that I think are exciting. Because day to day life has already been updated with everyone that matters.

Exciting thing this weekend... Halloween, ASL retreat, Chili cook-off! I am totally going to win. Dee is using my recipie for chili con karen at his work too, but because he is a chef he's going to change it slightly. And he is going to use Hot picante and I only ever use medium because more people are able to eat it that way so I get more votes usually. Here is the infamous recipie that apparently just won Ben's chili cookoff too:

Chili Con Karen

1 lb ground beef
2-4 pork loin chops (diced)
1 packet Chili spices and seasonings (I prefer Lawry's)
8 oz Pace picante sauce at your level of hotness
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can kidney beans

Brown your ground beef and drain the fat. Add packet of spices, 1/2 c. water (sometimes I use chicken broth), tomatoes, and beans. Do not drain the tomatoes or beans. Simmer 10 min. While that is simmering in a large pot put in another 1/2 c water (or broth) and your pork. Cook the pork until done. Add picante sauce simmer 5 min. Add in beef mixture simmer 5 min. Add cheese if you want.

That is all you have to do to win cookoffs. It takes maybe 30 min at most. I'll let you know if we win or not!

Btw: If you want to learn about why I decided to become an interpreter and how to do it yourself, I just started a blog :

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